New and Removed Member

Right hey everyone, a few days ago we let a new member come into lazywagon and today we have had to remove him from the group as he did not follow some of the LazyWagon Terms and Conditions

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused (Jaydon) we hope you all the best in finding another sponsor

-Terms and Conditions-
By joining up to LazyWagon (Skate) you will agree to the terms and conditions below
1. No Scootering/ Converting to Scootering or you’re out
2. No Cockyness
3. Respect all of our members
4. Respect all other skaters when you’re on your own or with anyone else including any LazyWagon members
5. Respect yourself and your board
6. If anyone needs help offer to help (skating related)
7. When joining up a 5 day curfew for photos is mandatory or you’re entry form will be denied
8. No sharing and ‘Secret’ LazyWagon information with anyone else
9. No LazyWagon Tagging ANYWHERE if you are NOT in LazyWagon
10. There has got to be 10 or less members in LazyWagon at all times, for Minimum stress and ease of Website editing

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions we hope you follow them and Keep on Skating
Version 1.0
Last Edited (21:32 – 30/12/11)


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