We will be riding and skating all over the place and to top it all off we are starting a LazyWagon Diary’s

This Weeks News…

kien has resorted to ‘Scooting’ and dylan has created a new word


(Chuhd)< Pronounciation

George has chipped his front two teeth and told the nurse to spread ’em when she shined her torch in his face (Mortal Kombat 2011, Stryker x-Ray saying)

Charly has got his new bike

Oli and Olly have not been seen in ages

AND…. we have a new member from abroad, Juha Lassila

so, all is good for the lazy wagon team this month

-Posted by: Charly & George

2 thoughts on “SUMMER HOLIDAYS :D

  1. pierre roberts says:

    hi i have officialy leaft TROLLIN

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