New Logo

As we have currently had a dispute with copyright over our old logo we have created our new original logo, the font is scanned from my handwriting and the image is from an up and coming edit Here is a promo poster….



Keep It Lazy,



“fuck da goverment”

Haven’t posted anything in bare long, thought you’d all enjoy this illiterate attempt at graffiti, the irony is that the government pays for their education, the wasted youth of today



Ollie Parris

is a batty


Hey guys, long time no see! haha, 

we have been hitting a few walls recently looking for new ways to expand lazywagon and now we have a shop that when we have ordered and made some more products we will be selling them directly from there, if you would like to visit the shop to see any future releases,  or to buy any of our merch the url is,



James Gofton has now been promoted to AM

New Member

We are very pleased to say that we now have James Gofton on our skate team 🙂

Halfway There

The summer is passing quickly and we haven’t had a lot of updates or action going on at lazywagon, everything has gone to a stand still for the time being, we are going to start producing home-made products like shirts, wife beaters (vests) andvarious other bits and bobs because at the moment we are getting nowhere, this has all been brought to mind as i have watched MachoTailDrop again and the first time i ever watched the ‘Fantasy Skate Film’ was at the prime time of lazywagon and all of our popularity and so on.. so i thought that i’d do a quick update, see how everyone is, and we will hopefully be starting our product range close to 2013 if not early next year/easter time as i have only one year of school left until i have to go and get a job so i can pay for all of our products and all of my own things off my own back, so yeah, keep safe, Skate On!

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